Why we’re different…

We’re the only carbon negative commercial composter in the Yampa Valley

To keep trash trucks off the road, Cowgirl’s food waste is collected via conveniently located neighborhood ambassador and community drop-off bins. Our drop-off locations are designed to be on the way to where you’re already going. Cowgirl has the capacity to launch new drop-off locations as needed.

No plastic bag needed

Our food waste is collected in buckets that are emptied directly into bins. This avoids the need to use compostable bags, which require energy and water to produce. While BPI Certified plastics do break down in our facility, they don’t make great compost.

We make superior compost

Our compost is perfect for use on lawns, gardens and for growing things you eat because it doesn’t contain any biosolids (sewage sludge). Since we don’t process any biosolids or trash at our facility, our equipment is always clean and free from hazardous contaminants.

We do things right

Composting done right produces a high quality nutrient dense soil amendment. Our compost gets lots of love, with temperature monitoring, watering, and regular aeration. Our finished compost is tested in a certified laboratory before distribution.

“I’ve utilized composting in the past and I’m happy with how easy Cowgirl Compost CO has made composting for our restaurant staff.”

Ben Strook – Drunken Onion

person s hands holding potted plant

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